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Elegant and cost-effective marketing solutions to

Navesink Media is an elite marketing firm specializing in finding the most COST-EFFECTIVE ways to grow your business. We create strategies that capitalize on the significant ROI CAPABILITIES of emerging technologies. We create elegant digital and print materials that GRAB ATTENTION. If you aren't taking full advantage of your Internet visibility, social media marketing programs and search engine presence, you are missing out on unparalleled opportunities for reaching and keeping customers. We're ready to help you PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS and EXPAND YOUR BRAND. Just DROP US A LINE and find out how we can help.


Many companies claim to offer cheap custom website design services, but true custom website design is a BRANDING process, not a DESIGN process.

In an increasingly muddled marketplace, being heard amid the roar of your competitors' voices is a daunting task. A clear idea of your brand and an effective marketing strategy can be the ONLY thing that elevates you above your competition and keeps your customers coming back.

At Navesink Media, we blend key branding and design services with online marketing strategies. Each and every element of a your truly custom website design is planned and created specifically for your organization -- no templates, no cookie-cutter themes.

We know that in this economy, EVERY dollar you spend is sacred. That's why we have developed several packages that are perfect for start-ups and small businesses with a limited budget. CONTACT US and let us how we can help.

Don't just take our word for it!

"Since you rebranded my company online, my business has dramatically increased. I am still shocked at the difference the search engine marketing has made. Facebook has helped me stay connected in ways I would have not thought possible. Your prices were very reasonable and totally worth every penny. The entire process was a pleasure. Thank you!!"

Mary Coswald
Owner, Antiquities