Your brand is your identity; your truest essence. Without a strong logo or cohesive brand, your message and name gets muddied and lost. Our team will work closely with you to create a look that best exemplifies your company and industry. We can help you stand out in ways you didn't think were possible. Our branding services include Logo Design, Brand Development and Collateral Development (i.e. Business Cards, Stationary, Contracts/Forms). Check out some of our designs!



Our presentations enhance brand image and create speaker confidence. While there is no substitute for an authentic, charismatic speaker, audience attention/retention can be significantly enhanced with a great design, dynamic visual effects and an organized, well-told story. At Navesink Media, we have created high-end presentations for some of the largest companies in the world. Our expertise in elevating PowerPoint presentations to their highest possible levels of technical and graphic excellence is unsurpassed. We take the time to understand your message and find the simplest way to represent that concept graphically. We do more than try to dazzle clients with fancy graphics; we also embrace your business information and help you create a compelling and memorable story.


Navesink Media offers a comprehensive set of multimedia services for a range of budgets. Our Flash demos and videos include robust animation, advanced custom graphics, and interactivity to engage audiences and generate leads and sales.

Email Campaigns

Take advantage of the one of the least expensive and easiest ways to stay in touch with your customers on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. Navesink Media can create and deliver your custom newsletter and sales promotion messages to your opt-in mailing lists. We can also track your response rate and maintain additions and deletions to your mailing lists.



Brochures & Sales Kits

Brochures are the traditional spearhead of marketing efforts: their purpose is not only to inform the customer about the products or services you offer, but also to emphasize the fact that you offer better solutions than your competitors. Our approach to brochure design revolves around these concepts and around one key element: your own input. The creation of such a delicate and important tool for your business must be left in the hands of professional designer. Our experience and skill ensure that the brochure we create for you will be of the same caliber of marketing materials used by the largest corporations in the world.

Direct Mail & Invitations

Direct marketing provides you with a way to reach your target market relatively quickly, at a reasonable cost, and with convincing certitude. It provides companies with the ability to target defined markets with specialized offers. Navesink Media provides marketing communication and design services to help our customers build and strengthen relationships with their primary business and consumer audiences and, at the same time, help them get results.

Promotional Products

As a member of the Advertising Speciality Institute (ASI), Navesink Media receive special pricing on all promotional products - Tshirts, pens, notebooks, flash drives - anything you can think of! We have been helping clients with corporate gifts for so long, we can help you custom design some ideas you haven't considered before. This means we help you deliver products that your clients will love!